Vegan 9 Travel Makeup Brush + Case Set

Vegan 9 Travel Makeup Brush + Case Set

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Tried and true! This is the best travel makeup brush kit on the market.

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The brushes in this 9-piece makeup brush kit are made with synthetic hair, an aluminium ferrule, and a wooded handle. The brand name is "Anmor" which is stamped on the handles. The kit comes with a carrying bag. Comes in 2 colors.

Why you'll love this kit:

    • Vegan: Made out of synthetic hair. Animal friendly. Cruelty free. 
    • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic: Synthetic bristles are awesome because they are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin. It's time to make the switch to synthetic bristles if you haven't!
    • Zipper case holds makeup too: Big enough to also fit your makeup essentials, like mascara, eyeliner and lip pencils. Have all your makeup and brushes in one case! You may even put smaller items like sharpeners or tweezers, as the case may be zipped up. Nothing will fall out.
    • Stain free case: Just use a bit of makeup remover to remove mascaras or eyeliner stains!
    • Compact size: The biggest size of these brushes is about the length of an iphone, making them portable for travel and taking to the gym or office.
    • Most used brushes: Receive some of the most commonly used type of brushes (e.g. flat top foundation, powder, blender, precision highlighter) at a fraction of their individual prices. See below for brush descriptions.

    What's inside the kit:

    • Stain-proof zipper pouch.
    • 9 deluxe travel size brushes with either black or mint green handles
    Brush details:
    1. Powder Puffer
    • Look fresh-faced without a shiny trace! Use this brush to set your makeup for an all day matte finish!
    • How to: For a satiny finish, sweep on powder with brush using light quick strokes and blend outwards from the centre of your face.
    • Use with: Loose powder, pressed powder, blush
    • Length: 13 cm ; Bristle length: 3 cm
    2. Undereye corrector
    • Perk your peepers and fake a good night sleep
    • How to: In short downwards strokes, use the undereye corrector to hide dark circles and blur out fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look.
    • Use with: liquid/cream concealer
    • Also great for: applying a base eyeshadow color all over the lids 
    • Length: 10 cm ; Bristle length: 1 cm
    3. Flat Top Foundation Brush
    • Blends foundation quickly for an instant even airbrushed finish
    • Flat top design allows for even pressure distribution
    • Densely packed brush head offers medium to full coverage
    • Soft bristles prevents skin drag, minimizing creases and streaks
    • Use with: best used with liquid and cream based foundation
    • Brush length: 12.5cm ; Bristle length: 3 cm 

    4. Tapered Glow Getter

    • Highlight forehead, cheekbones, chin and bridge of the nose with this tapered shape brush
    • How to: Dip the Glow Getter into a soft gold highlighter before gliding on cheekbones & brow bones. For a nose lift, use the tapered part of the brush to sweep highlights along the bridge of your nose for soft definition
    • Use with: Highlighters (powder based). Also great with pressed powders (undereye) and blushers
    • Blush length: 12.0 cm; Bristle length: 3.2 cm

    5. Universal Do-It-All Angled Blush Brush

    • It's a foundation brush, highlighting brush, bronzer brush, contour brush, and a blush brush all-in-one... Seamlessly applies both liquids, creams and powders! 
    • With the slight angle and designed to be broader at the width, this brush makes applying liquid products on the face contours a cinch – a pro for those who prefer not to apply foundation, creams or sunscreens with their fingers. On top of that, the bristles are lush and fluffy enough such that both powder and liquid products glide on the skin without either transferring too much powder or causing unsightly streaks that often come with a dense brush. Its lushness means the brush is optimal for powder and liquid products alike, and being synthetic and artfully-angled, the brush does not absorb too much product like blending sponges often do and application of product along the contours of the face is, quite literally not a ‘drag’!
    • Brush length: 12.5 cm; bristle length: 3.0 cm 

    6. Large Eyeshadow Brush

    • Create your eye-deal look with powders that finish pearly, sheen or matte & smoky.
    • Use with: powder based eyeshadows
    • How to use: Sweep brush on your eyelid for a soft wash of color or pat to layer on for added intensity. Use this brush to apply your base color before intensifying the look by adding depth with the crease definer brush.

    • Brush length: 10.2 cm; bristle length: 1.2 cm 

    7. Crease Defining Shading

    • A crease brush for an eye-deal look.
    • Use With: powder eyeshadows
    • How to use: Use the angled side of the brush to smudge, shade and contour your eyes using a darker shadow colour.
    • Always start at the point where you want the deepest color (usually the outer v area) and blend toward the place where you want the lightest color.
    • Brush length 10 cm; bristle length: 1 cm

    8. Tapered blending

    • The tapered blending features a slightly fluffy and tapered brush head for universal blending of eyeshadows. Its narrow tapered bristles subtly deposits color into the crease. Perfect for precise blending and a touch of color
    • How to use: subtly deposits color in the crease area. Creating shodow in the eye sockets.
    • Use with: eyeshadow
    • Brush length 9.7 cm; bristle length: 0.7 cm 

    9. Small eyeshadow

    • Excellent tool to work in the inner corner of the eye and to add depth and luminance to your eye makeup. Use this petite brush for intricate work around the eyes
    • How to use:  apply and blend eyeshadow onto lids, highlight inner corners of the eyes, softly blend away harsh eye shadow lines
    • Use with: eyeshadow
    • Brush length: 10.2 cm; Bristle length: 1.2 cm

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