Caring for your fur


When you receive your Pomkin hat, shake it out and let sit for full volume.

If the fur gets wet during rain or snow, shake the Pom and hang it to dry upside down in a well ventilated room. Never use a HOT hairdryer. You may use a hairdryer on the LOW HEAT setting to fluff up the pom. Avoid spraying perfumes, hairsprays and other chemicals around the fur.

Never wash your fur Pom. You can wash the hat by detaching the pom pom from the hat.

Hand wash your hat with warm water and add a drop of shampoo or neutral wool detergent before soaking for 10 minutes. Do not use washing detergent or soap on your hat. Lay flat to dry.

If you must machine wash, it is recommended to use a laundry bag to avoid damage.


Once you receive your fur item, it is normal for the fur to shed.  All real fur will shed a little at the beginning. Do not wear it straight away. Take it outside to shake off excess fur and let hang for a few hours. The fur should also become more full and reach its natural volume.
Then comb the fur gently from the top to the bottom. The fur needs to be away from heat, sunshine, rain, smoke. DO NOT wash or iron the fur. The outside shell of our fur parkas can be detached and washed however.
If your fur gets dirty, have it cleaned by a professional fur cleaner. Besides cleaning, a professional fur cleaner (furrier) will condition your fur. You may want to take your fur article to the local furrier for glazing, a process that replenishes oils to maintain the fur longevity. 


Fur hates heat. Make sure to store your fur in the coldest closet in your home and always in the dark.  Furs that are properly stored during hot weather can last up to fifty years or more.

DO NOT store your fur in a cedar closet or chest. The oils can harm the fur. Keep the fur in the coolest closet possible and always in the dark.